[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”abad-photos”]Francesc Abad: Bloc W.B. L´idea d´un pensament que crea imatges, 2006 (Courtesy of the artist)


Global Art Archive

Cartography of Art Criticism and Visuality in the Global Age:
New Methodologies, Concepts, and Analytic Focus

A Research Group in the Department of Art History, University of Barcelona

The Research Group develops one of its lines of research on the contributions of contemporary theoretical approaches to the notion of the archive with a special focus on the use of the archive by certain contemporary artists. The work widens the geographic scope of study from cases developed in Europe and North America to Latin America as well, and the case studies advance the thesis that the use of the paradigmatic archive is becoming a world-wide phenomenon.

This phenomenon has to be understood as a response to our nostalgia of the past and as generated by post-modernity and the need to collect and arrange the ceaseless production of meanings from the flow of information, a flow comprised of new media and electronic systems and tools significantly more powerful (in terms of their unlimited area of influence and capacity to constantly change and update) than any traditional mass media.

The Research Group periodically organizes working seminars in which PhD and Masters Degree students from the Advanced Studies in Art History at the University of Barcelona participate, along with university students from around the world.


University of Barcelona
Faculty of Geography and History, Department of Art History
Upcoming Activities


The Anarchival Impulse in Contemporary Art

UB, University of Barcelona
MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona
October 2012
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