Research Centres

Transcultural Visuality Learning Group

Heidelberg University, Germany

Transcultural visual studies are emerging as a new challenging field within art history, globalisation and media studies. The term can be traced back to the interest attached to debates around ‘pictorial turn’ (W. J. T. Mitchell 1994) as well as ‘intervisuality’ (e.g. Mirzoeff 2001) or ‘interocularity’ (Mirzoeff 2000) as well as the role of media in migration and globalisation contexts. The role of images in the context of diverse cultural processes and historical phenomena is acknowledged yet, at the same time, still a marginal field within the Humanities.

The flow of images across geographical, cultural and disciplinary borders has become a centre-stage focus of attention, for instance, in the case of the Mohammad cartoon debate. Assuming that the flows are by no means symmetrical but driven by varying forces, motivations and discourses, the aim is to address this transgressing mobility of images as a key challenge by tying it to current theoretical debates as well as concrete case studies deriving from the Cluster’s agenda and the group-members’ own research.

Coordination: Sumathi Ramaswamy, Barbara Mittler, Christiane Brosius




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