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PhotoCLEC | Photographs, Colonial Legacy and Museums
in Contemporary European Culture

United Kingdom

This project asks “what is the role of the photographic legacy of colonial relations in the identity of a fluid and multi-cultural modern Europe and its global relations?”

Through the prism of photography, PhotoCLEC is concerned with colonialism and the way contemporary European cultures configure their pasts for the benefit of their futures. It is a detailed comparative study of the aims, strategies and efficacy of institutional practices as museums attempt to position colonial photograph collections in ways relevant to contemporary European societies and their futures.

Project Participants: Professor Elizabeth Edwards – Project Leader (De Montfort University, Leicester , United Kingdom), Professor Susan Legêne (VU University Amsterdam), Professor Sigrid Lien (LLE, University of Bergen), Dr. Matthew Mead (De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom), Dr Hilde Nielssen (LLE, University of Bergen), Dr. Pamela Pattynama (VU University Amsterdam)

Project Leader: Professor Elizabeth Edwards




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