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An Archive

Digital archives on contemporary art
University of Paris, Dijon, France

Anarchive is a series of DVD-Roms and Internet projects designed to explore an artist’s overall oeuvre via diverse archival material.

The project is an historical and critical research which main purpose is to constitute the memory and increase public awareness of some of the most important developments in contemporary art such as performances, works in public places, video works, installations, experiments with technologies. Beyond a mode of preservation, beyond producing important databases about a whole oeuvre, the project aims at stimulating various artists to develop new works through the use of digital techniques.

Each production of the series is an archive, but it’s mainly an “anarchive”, meaning approaching art works from new perspectives and trying to uncover unprecedented relationships between the works.

This research which belongs yet to archeology, is also an original artwork. The artists contribute to the conception of the DVD-Rom at different levels, by allowing access to their own archives and by commenting them, and mainly by assuming the art direction of the project.

Director: Professor Anne-Marie Duguet




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